The Gift of Giving

Realizing that there was a greater need this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the brothers of CCAC decided to compliment its Christmas food deliveries with gifts for all children in the households.  While all families were extremely appreciative, brothers were moved to dig a bit deeper upon hearing a parent indicate that she would have to decline the turkey because she didn’t have a refrigerator to store it.  Upon delivering the food basket and gifts to the home, it was determined that there were 4 young children instead of 1.  Furthermore, one of the children indicated that the refrigerator wasn’t broken, there just wasn’t one.  After seeing this, CCAC in conjunction with the Krimson Cornerstone Foundation took quick action to demonstrate the phase “Blessed to be a Blessing”.  Within approx. 72 hrs, the family was equipped with a new 18 cubic foot refrigerator, provided food for approx. 2 weeks, and all 4 children provided gifts for Christmas.    Yes, we are “Blessed to be a Blessing”.