Kappa Koffeehouse in the News

Conyers-Covington (GA) Alumni Chapter

Spring Kappa Koffeehouse Town Hall Hosts Local Candidates – 2024 Rockdale County ballot candidates on Tuesday, April 30

Political and Civic Action Committee of CCAC to Highlight 2024 Candidates for Rockdale County Elections

Fall 2023 Political Forum Night- (Rockdale Newton Citizen) Wed .Nov. 1, 2023(Post Event Press)

Fall 2023 Political Forum Night-(Covington News Article October 16, 2023) The Center, Newton Chamber

Fall 2023 Political Forum Night, The Center, Newton County Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday, October24, 2023

Spring 2023- Keeping Our Community Safe, With an Emphasis on Domestic Violence, JP Carr Com. Center, April 25, 2023.

Fall 2022- Political Forum Night, JP Carr Community Center, October 22, 2022.

Voter’s Registration Drive, Newton County High School, Covington, GA, May 6, 2022

Town Hall Senate Bill 202 Discussion, Eastside High School, Covington, GA, April 9, 2022