Political & civic Action

Kappa Koffeehouse Town Hall

This forum is conducted in a non-partisan environment and promotes informed awareness of local issues by elected and appointed officials. 

For more information on Future Kappa Koffeehouse Town Halls, please email the Political & Civic Action Committee Chair, Bro J.B. Brockman at CCAC2022@mail.com

Kappa Koffeehouse Town Hall


The Political Civic and Action Committee of Conyers-Covington (GA) Alumni Chapter (CCAC) of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. is committed to fostering relationships by engaging with the community and local leaders through multiple channels including our “Kappa Koffeehouse”, a Town Hall platform to explore local issues in an intimate, relaxed environment.

Kappa Koffeehouse issues include;
  • Non- partisan political engagement
  • Voter education & voter registration drives
  • Law enforcement accountability
  • Economic development
  • School system & education
Other Channels include;
  • Board of Elections
  • Board of Commissions
  • City Council
  • Community rally participation
  • Concerned Citizens Advocating Change meetings (An intimate sit down with citizens to identify key issues.)

The Political & Civic Action Committee enables CCAC to lead community organizing and engagement efforts that create direct opportunities for strengthening the political, civic and social bonds of residents and businesses in the Rockdale and Newton communities.

For more information on Future Kappa Koffeehouse Town Halls, please email the Political & Civic Action Committee Chair, Brother J.B. Brockman at CCAC2022@mail.com


The Kappa Koffeehouse Forum Series originated on the campus of Ohio University, Athens, Ohio in 1993 by the Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. In 2018, Brother Dr. Robert Hughes, a 1994 Epsilon Lambda initiate joined the Conyers-Covington Alumni Chapter and was asked to serve as the Political and Civic Action Committee Chair. In his role as Chair, Brother Hughes presented Kappa Koffeehouse to CCAC as a community engagement opportunity. CCAC hosted its inaugural Kappa Koffeehouse on September 27, 2018 at Maddlulu Cafe in Porterdale, GA.

In 2021, Brother Elder J.B. Brockman, a spring 1980 initiate from Gamma Mu Chapter Benedict College, Columbia, SC joined the Conyers- Covington Alumni Chapter and was presented an opportunity to Chair this committee. He immediately accepted the challenge and invited other brothers to help him in his pursuit of advancing this committee to higher heights. Under Brother Brockman’s leadership, the committee has successfully organized various other Kappa Koffeehouse Town Hall meetings throughout Rockdale and Newton counties and developed a new Kappa Koffeehouse logo.

The CCAC brand has experienced increased community exposure through various media outlets. Those media outlets include digital online distribution along with print local newspaper organizations, social media which includes Instagram and Facebook, networking groups, flyer distribution out in the community and by word of mouth. One of our articles was featured on the front page of the local newspaper. A broadened awareness of this committee’s visibility is more prevalent and overall citizen participation in the Town Hall meetings has increased as well.

The purpose of the Political and Civic Action Committee is to:

Initiate educational conversations that strengthen community relationships to the coordination of engagement, resources, and service actions focused on developing and enhancing our neighborhoods for the benefit of the public by utilizing the Kappa Koffeehouse Town Hall forums.

Seeks to implement and engage in sustainable programs and initiatives that bring attention to specific current issues and to engage citizens in a nonpartisan environment.

Our motto is, “let the issues take center stage,” so the citizens can listen, be informed and can focus on obtaining the correct knowledge which will enable them to make wise decisions.

Committed to being a resource of political civic, and voter education activities while also engaging with elected officials, board of elections, law enforcement and other local and municipal entities not limited to but including chamber groups, housing, economic development and local school systems.

Actively work to seek, maintain and create new relationships with various community based outreach programs such as local churches, other 501C groups, D9 organizations to encourage partnerships.

We believe we are stronger together and can have a greater impact when unified with others who share our values.